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My blog provides valuable insights into Nobel Prize-winning financial strategies for investors. By utilizing decades of worldwide peer-reviewed capital markets research and analysis, I demonstrate how to build better investment portfolios with lower risks. I also examine common financial media misinformation and how investors can make better financial decisions.

Teaching Financial Literacy from Grade School to Grad School

As a parent and a financial advisor it has always been important to instill the value of financial knowledge and to encourage other parents to teach their children to understand the fundamentals of good financial decision making.

Unfortunately, lessons in money management can fall by the wayside and by the time kids are starting to make their own money choices they do not have the tools to avoid costly mistakes.

I think it is an enormous oversight that schools don’t even teach the basics such as how to pay bills or why interest rates matter. Sadly, we will not likely see a shift in the education system anytime soon so, it must be left up to parents and guardians to teach financial literacy to their children. Ultimately, it is you who will benefit from having a responsible grown up who doesn’t need to borrow money from you or live over the garage due to poor money choices.

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Peace of Mind in Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is a source of anxiety for many people. From the intricacies of the planning process to concerns about results, this time can be fraught with uncertainty. While many parts need to come together to make a cohesive and sustainable plan, the biggest fear most face is the fear of making mistakes.

Mistakes in a retirement plan can be costly in both time and money. While the monetary cost is the most easily visible, the cost in time – if retirement is close and there is scant time to make up lost ground – can also cause a fair amount of unease.

Although there is no absolute guarantee for a perfect, mistake free retirement plan, these mistakes – and their unintended consequences – can be minimized and managed--and, hopefully, bring about peace-of-mind during the retirement planning process. Here are some ideas for increasing inner harmony on the road to sound retirement planning.

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Taking the Road Less Traveled

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

--Robert Frost, excerpt from the Road Not Taken

In a recent article from Financial Advisor Magazine that identified the regrets many people have for not taking more risks in life. “Among the top regrets were: not following their dreams, not taking risks with their careers, not taking risks with their lives in general, and not being gutsy enough in the choices they made.”

What was reassuring about these findings is that many people vowed to fix these regrets by taking more risks with the time they have left. There is an optimism there that is unique to our time. People are living longer, way longer than we were even a few decades ago and with that comes opportunities to evolve and edit things about our lives that don’t make sense or don’t satisfy us regardless of our age or stage in life.

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Choosing the Right Pension Option for Your Unique Circumstances

If you are nearing retirement and a pension is part of your retirement income, then you are likely considering how you might like to take that distribution. How you choose to receive your pension is a big decision, not only because it can have a big impact on your potential income, but it can impact your spouse and your family as well. If you have options when it comes to how you receive your pension, it is critical that you carefully weigh the pros and cons of taking a lump sum versus the annuity distribution option before you make a permanent and irreversible decision.

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How a Stretch IRA can Help Fund Your Wealth Transfer

For many wealthy investors finding new avenues to increase the amount of assets they can leave to their loved ones is important to the goals that they have set in a wealth transfer plan. An interesting strategy for facilitating this is referred to as a “stretch IRA”. The method designates beneficiaries with the longest life expectancy so that that the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) is lower. In implementing this strategy the base asset is larger for a longer period of time, which will help it grow more quickly.

Factors to Consider

It is imperative to consider vital components before settling on this sort of choice:

  • If you need to withdraw more than the RMD amount, review how much the projected remainder of your IRA will be in the future.
  • If you are married, you may still wish to implement this strategy, but list your spouse as the primary beneficiary and then, those in later generations as secondary beneficiaries.

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