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Investment Portfolio Analysis

We offer a comprehensive investment portfolio analysis for those interested in improving the structure, allocation and tax management of their portfolio. Often, we provide this type of consultative advisement to those who aren't quite ready to delegate their investment management to an advisor. This provides an in depth analysis of your current holdings and recommendations for improving your portfolio. This service includes:

  • Statistical analysis:

historical returns, expected returns, risk/return analysis, multi-factor regressions.

  • Diversification risks:

Equity securities; sectors, industries, country exposures, overlapping positions, comparative benchmarks. Fixed income securities: maturities, credit, currency exposures, and comparative benchmarks.

  • Equity factor analysis:

Company size and price/book exposure; comparative benchmarks.

  • Money manager or mutual fund analysis:

Same factors as above - plus; track record and value-added analysis, expenses, tax efficiency and benchmarks.

  • Client education.

Typical fee for Investment Portfolio Analysis ranges from $500 to $5,000. No fee is charged for initial consultation.

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