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Social Media Disclosure

Thank you for connecting with Summit Portfolio Management, Inc. through social media! The various social media tools online make it possible for us to share news and information with you in a new way.

Summit Portfolio Management, Inc. works diligently to operate within the regulations of the financial services industry and we do so to help maintain the integrity of our firm and the industry as a whole. As we comply with these rules, we ask you to as well. Unfortunately posts or comments that don't comply with the rules we abide by will have to be removed.

The #1 Rule of Financial Services on Social Media:
Specific financial questions and account information can't be posted by a client or an advisor. If you are a client, please contact your financial advisor.

It's also important to note that as convenient as it is to message people within Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, our financial advisors will not be able to return your message within those social media channels. They will respond but will do so from their Summit Portfolio Management, Inc. email accounts.

We appreciate the time you took to learn how to connect with us online, and we look forward to providing you with interesting industry content.

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