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Investment Management


Our independence eliminates the significant conflicts of interest commonly associated with most financial service providers. We’re compensated solely by our clients – not financial product vendors.

Tax Minimization

The strategies we recommend emphasize total after-tax returns. Client portfolios are coordinated across as many account titles as necessary. This approach helps minimize taxation (both income tax & estate tax) and improves wealth accumulation or spendable income.

State-of-the-Art Portfolio Strategies

Summit Portfolio Management employs Nobel Prize winning investment strategies designed to help clients achieve better and more consistent investment returns with less risk.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our portfolio performance reporting system enables clients to measure results against their goals and appropriate benchmarks. Tax preparation is a simple process with the help of our year-end consolidated tax statement.


Clients enjoy substantial diversification, typically over 12,000 companies effectively placed in over 40 countries. Broad securities diversification reduces portfolio risks and actually improves expected portfolio returns compared to concentrated portfolios.

Account Security

Client assets are held at an independent custodian such as TD Ameritrade, and are insured up to $150 million in SIPC Insurance. Access to your secured personal information is restricted. Client accounts may be viewed at any time through password-protected web access.


Our ongoing research and access to the world’s leading academic researchers enable us to keep clients informed of the most recent developments in portfolio management strategies and suggest potential strategy modifications when necessary.

Access to Institutional Investment Products

We enable clients to gain access to institutional asset management, normally only available to portfolios greater than $50 million.

Investment Strategy

Several independent research studies have shown that asset allocation is the primary driver of portfolio returns. Summit employs sophisticated statistical techniques to build portfolios designed to deliver the highest return within the clients’ accepted level of risk.

Summit advocates a Factor Based Efficient Markets philosophy. Traditional “active” investment management involves an attempt to select superior securities or time the markets. These efforts result in higher costs and riskier, more concentrated portfolios. Studies show that for the vast majority of professionals, efforts to “beat the market” simply fail. Engaging in a factor based portfolio strategy provides our clients with more dimensions to provide better portfolio risk controls, minimization of trading costs and taxation, and maximization of a client’s probability of achieving their goals.

Very often, we find that new clients have scattered holdings among disparate money managers or mutual funds, with virtually no coordinated strategy for measuring and managing risk, keeping portfolio costs down and minimizing taxes. Summit’s total portfolio approach to wealth management coordinates assets across all account titles to better control risks and costs and achieve better bottom-line returns.

Fee is charged as a percentage of assets under management. No fee is charged for initial consultation.

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