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Dimensional Fund Advisors Named Most Recommended Asset Manager by Advisor Perspectives’ Advisors Choice™ Awards

When it comes to choosing to work with asset managers on behalf of our clients there is no shortage of options. There is Schwab, AQR, American Funds, Vanguard, BlackRock and the list goes on. We have, for a long time, chosen Dimensional Fund Advisors as our primary asset manager for the funds we choose for our clients. The philosophy that they use is evidence-based investing. The choices that they make are backed by decades of research from Nobel Laureates and financial science. To us, this approach to investing just makes logical sense.

Earlier this March, Dimensional Fund Advisors (along with American Funds) was recognized as the asset manager most likely to be recommended by advisors to their peers. Advisor Perspectives, a highly regarded trade publication, announced these findings as part of their annual Advisors ChoiceTM awards. The awards are based on a survey of nearly 2000 financial advisors including, Registered Investment Advisors (like us), wirehouse advisors and independent broker-dealer representatives.

Out of seven categories, DFA ranked first in four of them and was the fund company advisors were most likely to recommend “overall.” The methodology that Advisors ChoiceTM awards uses suggests that the firms with the highest standing rate this way because they have achieved a high degree of customer satisfaction and because there is a strong likelihood that they will grow in size and profitability in the coming years.

Among the questions DFA ranked first for were the following:

• Which fund family are you most likely to recommend to other advisors for U.S. equities?

• Which fund family are you most likely to recommend to other advisors for non-U.S. equities?

• Which fund family are you most likely to recommend to other advisors for non-U.S. fixed income?

• Which fund family are you most likely to recommend to other advisors overall?

At the risk of sounding like an advertising campaign for DFA, I wanted to share this information with our clients, colleagues, and friends. Dimensional Fund Advisors sets itself apart from other assets managers, not just because of their growth capabilities and profitability, but because their commitment to research above trends, and evidence above hype offers sustainability in a world of volatility and long-term growth for those who understand that there is no free lunch in investing.

For more information on DFA and what makes their process a different way to invest explore our learning center or click here for videos, presentations, and articles.


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